Some Ideas On Convenient Tactics Of Nightwear

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That would be a major victory for Assad, and his main allies Iran and Russia, against rebels who have defied him in Syria's most populous city for four years. U.N. MONITORS EVACUATION The United Nations had said it had sent 20 more staff to east Aleppo to monitor the evacuation. Assad's government is backed by Russian air power and Shi'ite militias including Lebanon's Hezbollah movement and Iraq's Harakat al-Nujaba. The mostly Sunni rebels include groups supported by Turkey, the United States and Gulf monarchies. For four years, the city was split between a rebel-held east and government-held west. During the summer, the army and allied forces besieged the rebel sector before using intense bombardment and ground assaults to retake it in recent months. Russian air strikes enabled Assad's forces to press the siege of eastern Aleppo to devastating effect. Shi'ite militias from as far afield as Afghanistan also played an important role. But even with victory in Aleppo, Assad still faces great challenges.

The clothing will be used in an upcoming exhibition that looks at how women's underwear and lingerie evolved because of societal changes during that 100-year span. "I think that using women's clothing as a way to look at society is very interesting," said Allison Burnett, museum curator. The exhibit was created by the Missouri History Museum in St. Louis, Mo., and consists of interpretive panels with text and images. However, it doesn't actually have any artifacts, which is why Burnettis looking for undergarments. What caused women's clothing to change? Burnett said the exhibit shows how the clothing of the 1860s the Victorian era wasn't very practical. Over time, as the First and Second World Wars broke out and women's roles changed, so did their clothing. "They're working outside of the home, so their clothes tend to become more practicaland less restrictive," said Burnett. She said while men's clothing has also changed over the years, but the changes weren't nearly as substantialfor the time period looked at in the exhibit. Shelburne County Museum curator Allison Burnett hopes the upcoming exhibit will catch people's attention and attract more visitors. (Submitted by Allison Burnett) "When you're looking at women's clothing, there's more complicated fashion trends and the silhouettes change consistently," said Burnett.

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